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You don’t find Japanese Role-Playing Games very often on X-Box. Thankfully, Ys Origin is available on X-Box because it’s a great game. Anybody who likes JRPGs will be happy with this game. Even though the story isn’t all that great, the gameplay, visuals, and music make your time spent playing this game well worth it.

Our one complaint about the game is the narrative. The plot of Ys Origin as follows. Your character, Yunica Tovah or Hugo Fact, have to try and find two goddesses that have disappeared. If you can’t find them, the monsters will take over your home and kill all of your people. So get to it!

While this may sound interesting, there isn’t really a hook to this game. Nothing in the plot makes you stop and say, “Wow, I can’t stop playing!” So that’s unfortunate. The characters aren’t very well developed by the end of the plot which is a bummer. But, that leaves room for another installment of the game to give more context.

Even though the story is average, Ys Origin sets itself apart as a good classic choice thanks to the strong gameplay and really good visuals and music.


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