4/5 (5)
Subnautica is gripping from the very beginning, as you’re ejected from a disintegrating starship onto a watery alien world. Beyond the safety of your life pod, a diverse range of oceanic biomes await. From the shallow, kelp forests to the alien shark-infested depths, the surprises never seemed to stop despite constant exploration. 

Even though technically Subnautica is exploration themed, it really should be in the horror category. This game can be ridiculously scary, especially when exploring the depths and being surprised by some random animal. You can defend yourself minimally with the survival knife, but good luck against any of the bigger creatures. It’s incredibly difficult to kill them.

The plot line of Subnautica is engaging and fun right up to the end. The game has so many twists and turns that it’ll have you on the edge of your seat wanting more. The best part is the ease of finding and staying with the main plot line. It isn’t one of those games that have you hunting around endlessly trying to find the beginning plot line.

Subnautica is the poster child of what all other survival games should strive to be like. It’s fun, exciting, unpredictable, and has endless secrets. You’re definitely going to want to give this one a try.


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