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The electricity of modern consoles gives Dark Souls Remastered the smooth frequency it promised. Take some time to get explore¬†DSR’s platform and recognize its twisted mindset. What you may discover is one of the most fascinating, hardcore gaming experiences in today’s world. However, the game is brutally unforgiving. If you play video games simply to be entertained, then Dark Souls Remastered isn’t for you.

The Remastered version can provide a thrill ride. Dark Souls provides a sharper overall performance and some really good graphical upgrades when compared to the original Dark Souls game released in 2011. Although Virtuous and QLOC have done a good job in the performance and the graphical aspects of the game, it does look very similar to the earlier versions.

Tech-Note: Dark Souls Remastered runs from 1080p at 60 frames per 2D on PS4, and at local 1800p scaled to 4K/60 on PS4 seasoned.

The difference from the authentic PS3 and Xbox 360 versions is notable, which ran at 720p and had trouble keeping 30 frames. In a game that requires such unique timing in combat, the distinction among 30fps and 60fps can be life or death. It holds 60fps 99% of the time on each PS4 and PS4 pro. As mentioned earlier, the latest installment is all about a smoother frame-rate and sharper resolution, Dark Souls Remastered makes a number of small great-of-lifestyles upgrades. This provides a far higher view of any lurking enemies when you swap tools on the fly.¬†In case you’ve already played the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, you’ve already played everything in Dark Souls Remastered.

Multiplayer has also obtained an improvement, in that Dark Souls Remastered now allows for up to six players without delay throughout area battles Compared to the unique 4-player cap this is a major upgrade. Committed servers and private matches with buddies have additionally been carried out, which extend the features for online play when compared to other Soul games.. It makes taking down invading players that much more of a rewarding experience. Overall, its a a thrill ride for hardcore gamers out there and you can expect a hefty amount of entertainment from it.


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