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Super Mega Baseball 2 is an amazing arcade baseball game that adds the online play that takes it to the next level from Super Mega Baseball. The game does everything it should with good hitting and pitching mechanics, team editor features, customized leagues, and multiple different online options. It’s the perfect game for anyone who loves baseball, or just loves arcade games.The online features are some of the best aspects of Super Mega Baseball 2. You can play a singular game, a tournament with friends, or Pennant Race. Pennant Race is where you’re put in a league with 14 other players with the same experience level and you’ve got 1 week to win as many games as you can.

The mini-game structure is also really impressive. Each game moves quickly but is really fun to play. The mini leagues are also a great feature. Overall, this is just a great game. It is entertaining, fun, and keeps anybody coming back for more. If you’re a baseball fan, make sure you get this game and try it out.



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