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This is no hidden fact that people are crazy for Final Fantasy Tactics. The 1998 role-play strategy game is a boom among gaming fanatics. That being said, we dig into why it is really a winner in the mobile gaming industry.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions is developed for both Android and iOS and Square Enix has done a great job in doing so. The game-play hasn’t been changed at all and user will have to visit number of maps to fight tactical battles. It is engaging and a deep game even after all these years and so many game releases in the same genre. It still stands out as one of the finest games in the RPG genre.

The price was an issue earlier when it was released, but the recent trends show that Square Enix has slashed down quite a bit of its original price. The game does have a problem which are the touch screen controls which are not compatible and easy to delve in for a newcomer to this game. The game informs you repeatedly that the tile chosen that you wanna hop on is out of range. this happens all the time even if your finger touches even a slight millimeter outside the tile range. having said that, the overall game is really good and if you are looking for a super intense strategy game, Final Fantasy: War of the Lions is a must buy.



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