With each new World of Warcraft development, some past highlights get left behind, and the change from Legion to Battle for Azeroth is no exception. Blizzard announced today the official rundown of content that will not be available once the pre-patch for Battle for Azeroth hits at some point in the following month.

Thankfully, Blizzard has offered another framework to enable players to power up before this content disappears completely. After signing in, players will be prompted to get together with Magni Bronzebeard, a Dwarf ruler made of diamonds who represents planet Azeroth. Magni will bring players to Silithus, where they can power their Artifacts for one last time, bringing it to full strength. This should give players — particularly the individuals who have fallen behind in Legion — a boost.

Once the pre-Battle for Azeroth patch goes live, players will never again have the capacity to finish Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker and Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker. They won’t be able to complete the section where they are prompted to crush the leader of the last Legion through an assault on the Heroic and Mythic trouble. On the off chance that you need these achievements you’ll have to get a talented gathering together in the following couple of weeks.

Any achievements referred to as First Aid will likewise be leaving when the old patch is removed. Mage Tower appearances for players’ Artifact weapon will likewise end up unachievable after the prefix goes live. To help players who are endeavoring to get those last achievements — which can be transmogged going ahead — the Mage Tower will now be active throughout the day,  until the point that the achievement can no longer be earned.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will be discharged for Mac and Windows PC on August 14.


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