Sony is officailly raising the cost of their most popular, pay-TV service PlayStation Vue by $5 a month for all four levels of customers, the firm announced today in a weblog which they posted. Sony did not deliver a concrete reason for the price increase, apart from attributing it to “rising business costs.”. PlayStation Vue’s most cost-effective plan, called Access, will now cost $44.99, an increase from the previous $39.99, a month, while its top-line package will now run you $84.99. Sony decided to eliminated its cheapest Slim bundle last July.

It is very likely that Sony, like different pay-tv carriers, is facing extended economic pressure from rights holders, which can be seen raising the licensing costs on all “live content” and other of high yielding forms of entertainment where customers play a monthly subscription similar to what Vue offers. Early this month, AT&T introduced a $5 price increase as well for its DirecTV Now service, following similar price hikes from Sling and YouTube television over the last few months.

“At PlayStation, we are always evaluating the PS Vue service to ensure we are providing a compelling value to our customers. Unfortunately, we must increase the price of our multi-channel plans to keep pace with rising business costs and enable us to continue offering a better way to watch the best in live sports, entertainment, and news,” reads the post, penned by Vue chief Dwayne Benefield.

The fee increase will go into effect on July 24th for brand new customers, however current subscribers won’t see their increase until the first billing cycle after July 31st. All 4 offerings – Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra — are a victim to the $5 increase. Sony says it’s add-ons and standalone channels will not be affected in any manner.

Released in 2015, Vue is Sony’s counterpunch to Sling and other bundled applications that provide a more limited opportunity to full-fledged cable television at a reduced price. As of 12 months ago, the fan-base counted more than 400,000 monthly subscribers, and it’s available on nearly every major set-top box platform, as well as on PlayStation consoles, mobile, and Mac and PC. Pricing is still an influential differentiating issue among competing offerings, and even small charge increases might also have a large impact on subscriber numbers and a new consumer’s willingness to select an alternative carrier.


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