Everybody loves soda. But, what keeps the vast majority of us from drinking excessively is the direct result of medical problems that come from soda. Drinking too much soda will prompt obesity, diabetes and other medical problems. It’s a compulsion we should all dispose of… or isn’t that right? This is where the Sodastream comes in and they guarantee that their item can transform normal water into a healthier soda. I need to say it was difficult to trust that an at-home-machine like Sodastream could transform water into awesome tasting soda, yet after the primary endeavor at making diet lemon lime soda, I am on board.

SodaStream Benefits

Health – We all know normal soda is terrible for you and could prompt medical problems, for example, obesity and diabetes. Sodastream offers a more beneficial option with less sugar, carbs and calories.

Less expensive than Soda – This is also a noteworthy worry for many individuals who are thinking about to change to Sodastream. SodaMix (the flavor) will run from $4.99-$9.99 which will give you a chance to make around 12 liters or 33 jars of new soda. By and large, your soda will just cost around 25 pennies for each can.

Space – Instead of having every one of the containers and soda jars laying around, you have a Sodastream rather that takes up a very small amount of counter space.

Tons of Flavors – Currently, SodaStream offers more than 50+ flavors and more will be released

Accessibility – Want some pop? Forget going all the way to the store to pick up a 12 pack. You would now be able to make pop in the comfort of your own home in under 30 seconds.

The Bad

Beginning Investment – The SodaStream Starter Kit will cost you $79.95 and will have all that you need to make your own particular soda in under 30 seconds.

Replacing the Carbonator Cylinder – Replacing your 14.5 oz. CO2 carbonator barrel will cost you $30 and will create 60 liters of soda or seltzer. The carbonator is the thing that makes water into soda. 60 liters is a lot of fizz, so these will last you for a while.

Indeed, even with the underlying venture and replacing the carbonator, you will save cash over the long haul.

The Taste

This is one of the greatest factors that many individuals have when buying a Sodastream. They have a considerable measure of flavors that are in the same class as my most loved soda brands and a few flavors that are not all that good. It truly relies upon your taste buds. The good thing is that Sodastream has an extensive amount of flavors so finding several flavors you like won’t be that difficult.

My Favorite SodaMix (Flavors)

The cola and diet cola flavors are not that great. I can hardly imagine how the cola flavors are beneath average particularly when Coke and Pepsi are so well known.

The Best: Cranberry Raspberry, Diet Lemon Lime, Diet Ginger Ale and Ginger Ale, Dr. Pete, Energy Drink and Caffeine Free Orange. The “Not Very Good”: Cola and Diet Cola, and Caffeine Free Root Beer. You may or may not agree to what I believe is good or bad as this is entirely my own assessment. I would recommend getting the SodaStream Sodamix Variety Pack on the off chance that you wish to try the flavors before obtaining a Sodamix.

Is SodaStream For You?

I unquestionably love my Sodastream as fizz made with this machine has 1/3 less sugar, calories and carbs than your normal fizz bought from the store. Medical problems were one of the main motivation I chose to buy the Sodastream machine, however now that I’ve had this machine for a little while, I’ve likewise seen that I’m saving a ton of cash.

If you are new to the Sodastream family, I would suggest the Fountain Jet Starter Kit which incorporates all that you need to make soda in your own home.


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