RuneScape, the one of the first games released by designer Jagex in 2001, is closing down.

RuneScape Classic is the name of Jagex’s great dream that numerous individuals refer to as their first experience in web based gaming. A spin-off was released in 2004, and that is when Jagex settled on the choice to rename RuneScape into RuneScape Classic. The Classic form isn’t as prevalent any longer — for various reasons including Jagex making it impossible for new players to join.

The engineer announced the closure in a goodbye blog post on its site, adding that Classic will begin to slow down once altogether. “It has been astonishing to see such commitment among those of you who have continued playing Classic throughout many years!  

RuneScape and Classic has still kept up a committed fanbase throughout the years. Jagex refused more than 5,000 records for swindling in January 2006. The Classic version was banished from new players, and a base level of playing was required for current players to keep up their access. By 2016, Classic kept around 1,000 players and in excess of 160 servers. The Classic release likewise found a strong network on Twitch.

Classic’s servers will go down at 1 p.m. on Aug. 6.


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