Pizza seems to be one of the best comfort food we always crave for. Probably, this is one of the reasons why we love Italians so much (aside from their pasta). Walking in the streets of New York made me realize that there are tons of Pizza stores to choose from and most of them are a dollar per slice. A dollar slice is a true life-saver for those people who live in NYC. It especially helps college students and people on a limited income. I’m glad we have such options. I mean if you are broke but you are still able to afford pizza then you know you are living the dream.

We all know having too many selections can be quite overwhelming. To make sure you spend that dollar to a slice that’s worth it. Let’s find out the 4 best stellar pizza in New York City! Here’s our list brought to you by Garm Drop.

99 Cent Fresh Pizza

This is the real deal folks! Since many people go here for that slice, you can expect that their slice is always freshly baked. They are also open 24 hours a day. They even have deals wherein you can get 2 slices and soda for only $3. Their sauce is thinly spread but cheese flavor is abundant in their slices. They also have powdered parmesan available on their counter.

Joey’s Pepperoni

This is another store you will surely love for their slices is just delish. Their cheese dollar pizza is just well balanced. It has the right amount of sauce and cheese. Their slices are evenly cooked and flavorful. Their crust is thin yet buttery, moist and chewy.

2 Bros Pizza

This pizza food chain surely has bigger slices as compared to other stores. Their sauce is much sweeter and they have a good amount of it evenly spread. They also have a thicker soft dough. If you are hungry and you are looking for a something that would satisfy your hunger easily, this is it, my friend! You’ll be surely satisfied. They have oregano and chili flakes available too for additional flavoring.

Percy’s Pizza

What you’ll love about their pizza is how thin and crunchy it is. The sauce and the cheese are just enough. This slice probably has the lowest calorie count out of the four because it is super thin. But overall, it is just so tasty!



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