App developers have long determined iOS to be a more profitable marketplace than Android, and new statistics from Sensor Tower only adds depth to that narrative. The app analytic site reports that Nintendo’s exquisite Mario Run has hit $60 million in sales worldwide, with the overpowering majority coming from iOS…

Of that $60 million in revenue, Sensor Tower statistics shows that 77%  has come from the App store, with simply 23% from Google Play. Super Mario Run has been on iOS since late 2016 and only arrived to Android six months later, which may account for a number of that discrepancy between service offerings. One example, Sensor Tower notes that during the first quarter of this year, the revenue split showed an increase with 35% arriving from Google Play.

Geographically, about 43% of Super Mario Run’s $60 million in revenue has come from America, with roughly 17% coming from Japan. Are you still a Super Mario Run fan? Drop us some comments or feedback below.


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