A couple of years back, I saw a lady in Central Park with what I thought was a tag or store sticker sticking out of her pants. “You have the tag on your pants,” I advised her as I passed her on the track. “That is the logo, it was placed there!” she clarified. This was the first time I saw the Lululemon logo. The logo is highlighted on trouser legs in a way that seems as though it was stuck there. An adjusted A shape that seems like a upside-down U, it is unnoticeable, at the same time, for those aware of everything, it is the indication of enrollment in what is one of the best brands.

Lululemon was established in 1998 in Vancouver, British Columbia by Chip Wilson, a 20-year veteran of the surf, skate and snowboard industries, who noticed a requirement for a more specialized and execution based item after he took, and loved, his first yoga class. Wilson, now a Forbes positioned ‘Yoga Billionaire,’ ventured down from his part as CEO and passed the reins to Christine Day, a former Starbucks executive. Wilson remains Chairman. Together Wilson and Day hold roughly 32% of the organization’s shares. “We like that administration has skin in the game,” a Morningstar report noted as of late.Lululemon opened its first store in 2000. The organization, as of 2017, has 269 stores in North America. Lululemon is one of the quickest developing organizations in the retail and attire space and is beating the business on relatively every level.

So, what is the secret formula? The formula is basic: a solid brand premise and articulation; to a unique product; strong customer engagement; a committed, focused administration who are supporting a corporate culture with shared qualities; and, predominant execution on all fronts. Easier said than done and Lululemon is by all accounts doing it.

The brand is outlined and situated for the new age. Lululemon knows that today, their center client—upscale, urban and rural 30-something women— stroll around in workout clothes a significant part of the day and still need to look great and feel great in what they are wearing, regardless of whether they are working out, practicing yoga, or not.

An ever increasing number of ladies don’t draw a line between exercise wear and work wear. What’s more, regardless of whether they wear a suit or dress by day, and exercise wear on weekends or after work, they need to look great. Lululemon allows them accomplish this. To start with, the garments fit well and are compliment women figures. Next, they wear well. They are expensive and have the status interest of a strong brand.

The brand is based on high caliber, exceptionally styled and superior stock best for most dynamic sports. Lululemon is the Patagonia of the new century. The brand has an ideology, its Manifesto, composed by its author, and brings out, in any event in his view, a portion of the characteristics and complexities of an life well lived. “Lululemon Athletica encourages individuals to live more beneficial and fun lives. In the event that we can deliver items to keep individuals dynamic and peaceful, we trust the world will turn into a greatly improved place.”

The garments perform. The fit is complimenting and agreeable. The shopping knowledge, both in-store and on the web, strengthen the product. In store employees are learned, inviting and accommodating. Products are normally in stock. But the best part about lululemon products is the comfort that they give the customer. I’ve never put on a more comfortable pair of leggings, shirt, sweatpants or jacket than when I’ve worn Lulu.


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