Fortnite did not get its v4.5 patch update recently, but that hasn’t stopped fans from constructing a huge pyramid over Wailing Woods. Led by Fortnite streamer Loserfruit, a collection of Fortnite gamers entered the underpopulated Oceania server at the exact same time and banded together in Wailing Woods. Players tore thru each tree within the area and stole as much stuff as possible before beginning construction of the timber pyramid inside the now barren and open region.

When it was done, it measured out to sixteen building segments tall with a 32 x 32 grid base at the lowest. 11,480 materials had been used. Many attempts were made throughout the time of construction to complete the project from start to finish. Not everyone cooperated and the pyramid building team had to address enemies that either attempted to ruin or weren’t privy to the operation.

This wasn’t the first run through that Loserfruit created huge stuff in Fortnite. A month ago the noteworthy assignment to cover the whole pit at Dusty Divot was finished and a comparative undertaking occurred over Loot Lake half a month after.

Epic is suing the Fortnite Season 4 leaker who uncovered key insights with respect to the meteor saga.


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