In case you’re at the shoreline and need to take a dip, it’s hard to remain loose when you’re stressed over your telephone and the money that you tucked under your towel, totally unsecured. You may confront a similar situation at a public pool or water stop, when you leave your assets in a pack by the passenger seat, trusting that an unscrupulous individual doesn’t run off with them. Luckily, there are some compact safes, bolt boxes and packs available that can give you much-required feelings of safety when you’re at the beach or pool. Here are the best items that you can use to securely lock your stuff.

#1 SAFEGO Portable Travel Lock Box

The Safego Portable Travel Lock Box gets our best spot on this rundown for its quality, accommodation and toughness. It’s a lightweight safe that is little and compact, yet sufficiently solid to protect every one of your items. There’s a lot of space to stash your wallet, money, keys, telephone, camera and shades when you need to head into the water or go for a stroll on the shoreline. Safego is easy to use and can be opened using either a key or a three-digit custom code, which can be changed as frequently as you’d like.

Built from high-affect ABS plastic, Safego is water, salt and sand safe. Regardless of whether you’re relaxing by your stuff, you may want to keep your stuff in your Safego to shield them from the elements. It has a movable lid, so you can tune in to music while your gadget is securely inside the container. Safego likewise accompanies a rock solid, 17-inch cable that can be used to safely bolt around any fixed object.

#2 Master Lock Portable Safe

In case you’re searching for a quality convenient safe, the Master Lock Portable Safe is a great decision. This safe isn’t outlined particularly to secure assets at the shoreline or pool, yet it’s water-safe and can keep your electronic gadgets and wallet securely bolted up while you’re taking a dip. It includes a resettable four-dial blend bolt and accompanies a cord that can be anchored to any object. The earbud/charging link get to port enables you to tune in to music or charge your gadgets while keeping them stored away.

#3 Best Multi-Purpose Bag: Pacsafe Travelsafe X15 Anti-Theft Portable Safe

In the event that you need a bag that holds a lot of stuff and can likewise be used as a lightweight suitcase or a pack when you’re touring, the Pacsafe Travelsafe X15 Anti-Theft Portable Safe is an awesome choice. It accompanies a TSA-acknowledged three-dial blend bolt to anchor the tempered steel link to anything in your hotel room, by the pool, in the car, or in-flight, and is perfect for a 15-inch computer. Lightweight and water-safe, this versatile safe folds flat so it can, without much of a stretch, fit in your gear. It also comes with handles and a removable shoulder strap for simple transport.

#4 CoolBag Gen 2 Locking Anti-Theft Travel Tote

In case you’re making a beeline for the beach, you’re doubtlessly bringing along a cooler and a beach bag, so why not bring one that can also protect your stuff? The CoolBag Gen 2 is a flexible, high caliber pack with anti-burglary features including an anti cutting zipper, slice safe fabric and a combination bolt. The cushioned link ties/handles can be disengaged and used to fold the bag around a stationary object, anchoring the Cool Bag. Other security highlights incorporated inside are RFID pockets to ensure identifications and credit cards are kept safe.

#5 LocTote Flak Sack

In the event that you require a beach pack that can hold a bunch of gadgets, the LocTote Flak Sack Theft Resistant bag has the additional space you require. This drawstring knapsack measures 13.5 x 18 inches and is made of twofold layered, slice safe texture. An inside pocket is perfect for credit-cards and comes outfitted with RFID-blocking material. The outside is pretreated with stain and water repellent. There’s a locking tie that is fortified with hardened steel and has cut-evidence. For comfort, chest ties can help diminish weight so you can carry it better.

#6 FlexSafe by AquaVault

From the organization that makes the AquaVault, the FlexSafe is more convenient than some other travel safes. In spite of the fact that it won’t hold as much as the AquaVault, it’s light and exceptionally adaptable. It can be anchored to anything, for example, your seat, baby buggy, bicycle or beach umbrella, and furthermore includes a waist band and cushioned strap, so it’s anything but difficult to carry on the go. The FlexSafe is water-safe, cut safe, made of uncompromising materials and furthermore includes RFID obstructing to secure information on your electronic gadgets.

#7 Pacsafe Travelsafe Portable Safe

The PacSafe TravelSafe is light, making it a flawless travel companion for beach get-aways. Like other compact safes, you can store your assets inside and secure to a stationary item. It includes a TSA-acknowledged three-dial turn bolt, a cushioned EVA froth covered and delicate brushed polyester lining, and water-safe outside. Moreover, the poly-canvas material is inserted with Pacsafe’s licensed 360-degree eXomesh locking framework and a treated steel wire work, so you can feel sure that your resources are sheltered inside. It’s accessible in two sizes: The 12L model can fit a 13-inch PC, while the 5L show is sufficiently huge to store an iPad (10-inch tablet).


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