It’s no secret that Google is inquisitive about gaming. In January it made a marvel hire of Phil Harrison, a former head at Sony and Xbox as well as a consultant to the likes of Atari and Gaikai. This should be of no surprise, when you consider that rumours about Google’s involvement inside the video games enterprise hasn’t stopped.

The latest rounds of new rumours suggest that Google is honestly seeking to start up a personal game platform. It’s not very clear on what this will consist of, be it a committed console or a streaming service just like PlayStation, or one which works via Chrome or Android TV. It’s additionally uncertain if we’ll see authentic Google-funded video games or if it’s simply going after a wealth of third-party releases on the platform.

Earlier this year at GDC, Google showed its hand to developers as to what its own cloud hosting ought to provide, using Dragon Ball Legends as a prime example. Google extensively utilized the occasion to open up partnerships with massive online game groups for something they’re calling Yeti. As mentioned through sources earlier this year, Yeti is a game streaming service Google is seeking to develop. Google extensively utilized E3 to mingle with developers and publishers with an eye fixed on getting them involved with Yeti. However, in step with Kotaku’s influencers, Google is likewise looking to acquire entire gaming studios. If this holds true, this means Google is looking into becoming a video games publisher and to develop original content.

But why is Google looking to game streaming as its next frontier? and will it ever manage to become a top-tier player? To answer those questions we’ve put together a quick guide about Google’s ambitions ahead of any sanctioned announcement.

Google game platform: launch date
Google’s gaming platform is, seemingly, little more than an idea for Google right now, but there are an increasing number of indicators that seem  like it’ll be a truth soon enough. It’s doubtful while we’d find a concrete launch date for a streaming platform, however, as many publishers appear to be moving closer to a streaming-based version, it can’t be long until Google makes a formal announcement.

We already know that EA is running on a top-class subscription service that lets users stream Origin to their mobile devices. Microsoft is likewise working on a game streaming version of its GamePass and Ubisoft has also expressed an interest within the platform too. With Google jumping aboard, we may want to have a future of streamed libraries and multiple offerings rather than a console under your television.

Google game platform: video games
Games are, of course, a massive cause why someone might want to commit to a certain platform over others. The same is true when it comes to streaming services too. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful as to just what games we may expect from Google’s gaming platform going forward. Chances are we’ll see a slew of Android games come to the platform right away. Following that you could wager Google will need some large wins within the licensing space with a handful of classic games to win over nostalgic hearts. It’s new titles, however,will be the maximum piece to solve.

Google is clearly serious about this endeavor. Along with hiring Harrison, Google has snapped up game builders from EA, PlayStation and plenty of other pinnacle organizations, indicating that it’s really keen to increase some thing huge in-house as well.

Google gaming platform: Will it manifest?
Google has a poor track record of starting projects and then deciding to put them on the shelf to collect dust before they even have a chance to go to market. My guess is that Google game platform will be no exception. There’s no assures that Google won’t in the future yank the plug on its game streaming platform dream and leave all the hard work its made into becoming another lab experiment.

New platforms and players in the market have a history of stumbling on the final hurdle as the key players, that is Sony and Nintendo, continue to  dominate the market. Microsoft did however make a big splash on arrival, and solidified its spot with the Xbox 360 however, as the Xbox One’s slow advancement has proven, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to lose that spot. One element that could create trouble for Google’s plans to expand around the globe is the lack of internet connectivity round the world. High-speed connections need to be considered with launching streaming service, as we as a dependable connection with low latency is important for multiplayer via a streaming platform.

Not to be outdone, Google does have a bonus over the opposition: its Google Cloud Platform. Google’s personal network is seven times large than the internet and belongs exclusively to Google. It could be an excellent network for low-latency, excessive-pace game streaming and, because it has a couple of nodes everywhere on the globe, it’s effortlessly accessible via multiple access points or even over the usual internet. It’s how Dragon Ball Legends runs so lag-free on mobile.


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