Sometimes you need a break from vegging out in front of the TV! Here are a few activities that will give you a break and reconnect yourself with your family and friends. These are great picks for grown-ups or for families!

#1 Read A Book

Your eyes can get a bit foggy from playing video games for hours on end. Take a break from the screens and pick a book off the shelf to break open. You never know when you’re gonna read the next big video game inspired by a book!

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#2 Play with a Pet

Put the controller down and pick up a tennis ball or stick to throw for your furry friend in the backyard. It’s good to get outside and take a break from gaming so make sure you spend some time outside rather than throwing the ball once and walking back inside.

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#3 Cook Something

Food is always good, no matter what time of day. Open your fridge and see what you can find to make yourself a healthy snack or meal. Boil some water for pasta, or turn on the toaster for an easy grilled cheese. The possibilities are endless.

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#4 Get Some Exercise

Sitting down all day isn’t healthy. Your body needs to sweat and get your heartrate up. Take a break from video games and go for a run, do yoga, go for a bike ride, etc. Explore the neighborhood a bit.

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#5 Play a Board Game

Open that old chest of drawers or that box in the attic to pick out a board game to play with the whole family. It’s sure to be endless fun and it will trigger your brain to think critically and analyze situations.


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