can sometimes be hard to come by for the most exclusive events. So, we’ve come up with the best methods that might increase your chances of getting a pass. No guarantees, but we think these methods are worth a try.

Pre-Order Online Early

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We know that gaming convention tickets can be sold out quite quickly, especially at the better-known and more exclusive events. In some cases, pre-ordering won’t be possible but it’s always good to check. You never know, they might have some special system that will allow you to get a ticket.

Get a Press-Pass

This is obviously easier said than done. But, it’s not impossible. If you’ve got a following on your Youtube account from all of your livestreams or you frequently test games for Ubisoft chances are that they might be willing to give you one.

Check Alternate Sites for TicketsImage result for gaming conventions

Even if the tickets are sold out on the main site, people will always have last minute things that are unavoidable and will have to give up their gaming convention tickets. They’ll want to resell them to earn their money back and that’s when you step in.

Ask at the Door

You never know when someone might have left and turned in their ticket to the desk. That might be your ticket in. Events might also have some sort of resale system. Definitely inquire!

Talk to Someone who works for a Company

If you’ve got a sister’s cousin’s uncle’s brother who works for Xbox, send him an email and ask. All he can say is no, so give it a try. You never know when opportunities might arise from a situation like that.



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