It is no big secret that NYC is perhaps the busiest city on the planet. People here are working hard and commuting every day. Like any other human beings on earth, most of them wouldn’t be able to survive the day without a caffeine boost. Let’s check out where do New Yorkers hang out and sip the best caffeine in the city. Here’s a list of the Top 5 Coffee Shops in New York City according to GarmDrop

#1 Birch Coffee

Birch coffee seems to win the title of the best java shop in the entire New York City. In spite of its very small space, many people would come here for a taste of their coffee and their other snacks. Most of the reviews that can be found online also show how they love that the employees at Birch are always very nice and accommodating. They are very quick to serve your orders too! They have great selections of coffees and teas but they are best known for their ice cold brewed coffee. They have vegan treats too.

#2 El Rey Coffee Bar

People come here not just for the caffeine alone but also for their great food. They are a little expensive than other café’s but the food is superb. Stepping in here would be like visiting the west side for they have a California vibe going. Their menu is very vegan-friendly as well. When it comes to their java, their  Mexican Iced Mocha is the most loved and talked about.

#3 Box Kite Coffee

This place is really killing it with their coffee. You can really tell they are pretty passionate about it. They change their caffeine menu daily depending on the beans they have available. Mind you, their beans are from different parts of the world. They also have the prettiest decaf machine.

#4 Abraco

This warm and lovely coffee shop does offer excellent caffeine selections and pastries. They are very well known for their olive cake and flavorful lattes and espresso. They are truly unique for they don’t allow laptops like any other coffee shops or cafés. They are definitely promoting more human interaction. They also don’t have WiFi and only accepts cash. They also don’t have any vegan friendly treats either. In terms of milk, they just have whole milk. In spite of not having all those things, they have the most welcoming and most family-oriented vibe.

#5 Stumptown Coffee Roasters

This coffee shop always has a long line of people everyday but most people don’t mind for the java is so worth it . Their baristas are  very efficient so you wouldn’t have to wait very long anyway. Their store is connected to a hotel. This shop has no sitting area so it’s really just a grab and go kind of caffeine shop. Their serving is a lot smaller but their sips are really rich in flavor and well roasted. You will surely not be disappointed.  


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