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The third DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has finally been released. He is the Hero from the dragon quest franchise. In reality there are 4 of them from different games, with them varying depending on which alternate costume you choose. Visually all of them have modernized clean designs that fit right in with the rest of the smash cast, but where they really shine is their gameplay. The Hero plays in a way that is distinct from any other character in the game, making him fairly hard to adjust to, but once you get used to it, he’s a blast to play.

Firstly, the Hero uses a sword. This is a fact that put many players including me off initially, considering just how many of the existing Smash characters also wield swords. Nonetheless, the Hero manages to blend styles together in a way that’s very unique, feeling like a fusion of Link and Marth with elements of other characters mixed in. He has a unique mechanic where his smash attacks can occasionally do twice the damage in a critical hit, leading to insanely early kills. This isn’t something the player can rely on considering the random nature, but it makes playing Hero feel thrilling and unique.

Where Hero really shines is his special moves. His neutral B move is a fire blast attack. Releasing it uncharged releases a Frizz, an easily spammable fairly weak projectly. Charging it to a Frizzle gives a more respectable damage, and a fully charged Kafrizz is devastatingly powerful. His side B is similar in terms of chargeability. An uncharged Zap is weak but deceptively long range, and a Zapple is significantly stronger and greater in terms of range. A Kazap however, is different. Kazap brings down an AOE burst of lightning, stunning the foes near you leaving them wide open for a spinning electric slash. This move is an amazingly powerful move that can knock the enemy out very early. This is one of the Hero’s better moves, and is very satisfying to properly land.

In terms of recovery, he has Whoosh, Swoosh, and Kaswoosh. Each of these improve the recovery distance, as well as being effective edge guarding tools. The real interest comes when you get into his down special attack. This brings up a command prompt with four options to choose from. These options are random, with many different potential spells. These can do some crazy stuff, from leaving a reflector on you for a while to potentially instakilling your opponent. It’s insane the potential that this single move carries, and every time you use it is a thrill. You can even play smash like a turn based RPG by simply taking turns using the command prompt with a friend!

Overall the Hero is an excellent addition to Smash. He’s one of the most fun characters to play in the game, and I personally intend to learn how to play him. His moveset has a larger element of luck than most, which can be off-putting to some, but to me it’s simply a unique spice that makes him special. The Hero is a great DLC character, and is absolutely well worth the six dollar price tag for such a unique addition to the game.

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