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Here’s your single-sentence premise: “Slide squares to combine factors of three.” It’s a straightforward idea that makes you wonder how learning multiplication tables can be so fun.

Threes is a wonderful game. The basic idea is you take a “1” square and a “2” square, pound them together, and wind up with a “3” square. Do that to make another “6” square, pound those two “6” blocks and end with a “12” square and repeat. The smart part here is that when you swipe, you’re not simply moving one square at once, rather you’re moving every one of the squares together.

Squares slide and consolidate on the off chance that they can, or simply remain stuck where they are if there are four squares in succession that can’t move over. Much like the turn-based rogue-like Hoplite, these unimaginably basic mechanics join into something really magnificent and surprising, if just you have the psychological grit to anticipate it.

Games of Threes! rapidly raise to an epic move of square management, as much like the exemplary puzzlers we experienced in childhood, you’re given a trace of what’s coming next as a red “2” block, a blue “1” block, or a white numbered block. When you slide the squares toward a path, whatever square is next slides in from the other way, leaving you with a stunning measure of things to consider each time you put your thumb on the screen. For each impeccable development, without some extraordinary examination, there’s likewise an equivalent shot that you’ll accidentally make an unintended blend and thusly end up with a square you end up trashing by one side of the game board.

The menus are explored the same way as playing the game itself, with basic swipes and no sort of cruel “Game Over” screen, Threes! apparently welcomes you to play it forever. Even playing for extended periods of time doesn’t feel like a chore.At last, here’s Threes! in three sentences: Threes: the perfect mobile game. Threes! is a game you require on each iOS gadget you own. Threes! is a game you have to tell your iPhone owning non-gamer about.



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