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It’s not obvious what makes Ridiculous Fishing so ridiculous at first. Billy the angler hurls his lure into the water and you need to tilt your phone or tablet to maintain a strategic angle as it dives. When you snag something your line runs. Now you’re trying to tilt your lure into as many fish as you can to snare them and drag them to the surface.

It’s then that the ridiculousness kicks in. Once the fish reach the surface they’re hurled into the air and you shoot away with guns, shotguns, mini guns, bazookas and other powerful weaponry, producing a shower of fish blood (and cash). Ridiculous Fishing is genuinely crazy. Some fish require a few shots to destroy. This usually forces you to angrily tap the screen to juggle them through the air. You definitely don’t want them to fall into the water and escape. Others go flying off past the moon and into space.

Ridiculous Fishing is well-tuned to keep you returning for round after round of fishing shenanigans. Purchasing new lines allows you to drop to deeper depths and snare more profitable fish. A drill lets you bore through fish and other objects as you descend. New hats can be acquired for Billy for unknown reasons.

Four angling spots are accessible, each with their own particular unmistakable music and sea life. Every territory has mystery fish for you to uncover as well. Something one of a kind awaits players at the beginning of each stage. The best surprise, however, comes at Arctic Floes, the climactic last location. We won’t ruin it for you here, yet in the event that we had 1000 guesses with reference to what lay at the base regardless we wouldn’t have been close. It’s a sensational and impactful bend in a game that is totally senseless from every other angle. But it works.

Ridiculous Fishing will put a grin on your face every time you achieve the climactic moment when your tremendous load of fish are flung into the air and the cartoony slaughter starts. In any case, the game is still a well-cleaned arcade time-executioner – take a gander at its perfect work of art and tune in to the brilliant soundtrack.

Verdict: 8 out of 10


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