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Kirby is back and on a home console for the first time in a long while. After being relegated to the 3DS with only spinoffs getting console treatment it is nice to see Kirby on the switch. The game features the titular kirby. One day some mysterious dark hearts come from the sky and begin to cause havoc. It’s a simple story, but one that works, and as with most kirby games those seeking the lore can simply pause the game during boss fights and read.

The main new mechanic this time around is the Friend Heart. Kirby is able to throw it at enemies to convert them to his side. By default they are AI controlled but you can bring friends and have them control the enemies. This is a very fluid easy system, and is absolutely the best way to play this game. 

The biggest problem this game has is the lack of evolution to the gameplay. If you’ve played any of the last 4 main kirby games, you know exactly how this game is going to play. It doesn’t provide much of a challenge and the level design is fairly flat and dull. It’s a fun romp, but when you really get down to it the main game is rather shallow. There are postgame extras that provide an additional bit of difficulty, but the main game is very easy and formulaic. For someone who hasn’t played a kirby game before this is fine, but for devoted fans this will prove disappointing.

Despite the difficulty leaving some room to be desired, the core experience is still what you’d expect from a Kirby game, and is a blast to play through with 4 people on the same screen. Overall, Kirby Star Allies is a fun game that could stand to try a little bit harder to excel sometimes.


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