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We all have been fans of card and board games since the existence of mankind. Well, that might be an exaggeration but truly there might be only a handful who are not into the fun of playing card and board games.

Hearthstone has kept the promise of delivering an addictive and an incredible fun card game. It was released several years back for PC and now is available on mobile platform for both Android and iOS. The game begins with heroes having unique abilities, cards and spells which they should use in battle. The game provides players with initial training tutorials to get started with the game. Once that is sorted out, players can then challenge other opponents online and are usually matched with opponents having a similar rank and skills. the matchmaking of Hearthstone is insanely good, I must say!
This is a turn to turn which initiates after a coin toss. The game characters are also unique and interactive meaning the characters respond to touch. the only downside of this game is that it cannot be played in offline mode. I recommend this game to newcomers and to fans of Warcraft with all the features and package it provides. The bonus here is that there is uninterrupted game-play because Hearthstone hasn’t included ads in the game. What a sigh of relief! All these factors make this game a must have on the mobile platform.


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