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DJMax is a successful franchise starting off as a PC game which was available mostly in Asia and then expanding their base to North America and the European market via PlayStation. It took a long time for about 10 years to develop this game for PS4 from concept to reality but it sure offers a good amount of songs (about 140) in the base pack with over 40 newly added songs in DJMax Respect. Fans and newcomers who want more songs have a good news as there is DLC coming their way soon which are supposed to release in every region which the game is deployed.

The noticeable thing here is that all the videos playing the background of the game have been provided with HD treatment. Game play is much similar to what other rhythm games have. In this game though, even some of the easy songs are a bit challenging. Newcomers might need some time to get a hang of this game, but this is the case with almost every game, so no worries. The starting track folder has about forty songs unlocked in DJMax Respect. But once you keep playing these songs, more songs get unlocked. Many songs can be unlocked by the achievement system or a grading system in vague terms. This system works just fine and you don’t seem being stuck at a place as things do get unlocked once you start playing regularly.

There is currently no portable version that is declared to come out, but the least one can do is HOPE! All in all, DJMax Respect is a complete package for rhythm game fans to purchase which is loaded with tracks and a steep difficulty curve that hooks you to the game.


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