3.83/5 (6)
The game is an adaptation from Around the World in 80 Days with an excitingly fun ride and adventure along the way. The game starts with the original story of Passepartout, the loyal servant to his master Phileas Fogg. He informs Passepartout about a wager about circumnavigating the earth in 80 days and thus commences the thrill ride which takes you to exotic locations and which is filled with romance, mysteries and intimacy.

The players who have seen or read Around the World in 80 Days notice a difference in the story-line at some points in the game. This is true. This game is set up using some modern era utilities and story-line has been molded around them. For  example, there is addition of aircraft, hovercraft and so on to the usual cars, trains and ships. It is all your decision that takes the next progress in the story. You decide the location, the cost of trip and so on. As you progress, you discover more routes, different modes of transport which help you get from one location to other. 80 Days is a remarkable game and tremendous fun. There is pace in the game and a significant time of the game goes in reading although there are no humongous essays for reading. It’s a game easy to complete in a single sitting and you can play the game multiple times without having to go through the same experience. Easily, it is one of the best games I have played.


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