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If you were concerned that Nintendo’s turn into portable gaming would change the nature of their games, Super Mario Run should be a relief. Auto-running and screen orientation aside, it’s a full-fledged Mario game that happens to be an app on your phone.

When Nintendo released Super Mario Run, we expected an infinite sprinter game, similar to Temple Run or Subway Surfer. Instead, we got a game where Mario keeps running arbitrarily through produced levels until he completes the level.

Super Mario Run has three sections: World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.World Tour is most similar to the Super Mario Bros. platforming games we’re acquainted with. There are six unique universes, each comprising of three levels in addition to a boss level. Mario runs from left to right and all the player needs to do is jump.

Toad Rally enables players to challenge friends and outsiders to one-on-one races, the objective of which is to gather the most coins and procure the most color-coded Toad fans. The gameplay is essentially the same, with a slightly different goal. In an interesting twist, vanquishing foes in either World Tour or Toad Rally eventually makes them level up, which causes them to drop more coins when landed on in the rally mode.

Those gathered color-coded Toad fans and coins all become the most important factor in Super Mario Run’s Kingdom Builder. Players use these to purchase adornments, structures, and extras for their own Mushroom Kingdom. Players gathering colored Toad fans also can upgrade the kingdom’s palace and open new things. These include structures that add new characters to the game.

The three distinct modes make this a game that is much better than the standard mobile app. We were worried that it could be a disaster but we are actually quite impressed. This is definitely a Nintendo game, and regardless of how they may deal with different establishments, Mario definitely gets the star treatment.



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