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Owlboy tells a story of Otis a mute owl living on a cluster of islands. Otis is not a skilled owl nor is he seen as a hero. The player avatar isn’t a gifted one which is something we haven’t seen before. It’s common in games similar to Owlboy for the central character has gifted abilities and is out for some adventure, so this is new.
Every character in Owlboy has a distinct personality and provide individual contributions. Owlboy revolves around Otis overcoming his subconscious mind telling him that he is not worth doing any good in life. Again, each character have their individual moments which builds up to a bittersweet ending to the game. The soundtrack is so good that it just blends in like gradient color within the game and gives a rich feel to the game.

With Otis’ abilities, his ability to fly around gives players the freedom to look around and discover the play area easily. Also, his fighting abilities are not that great. But, some of his prominent abilities are dodging attacks and a spin attack used for stunning other creatures. Otis is able to grab things like vegetables, bombs and even people on the run which makes the game-play a bit faster.

At one point in the game, Otis gives a shout out for help. Those characters become Gunners as they help Otis fight creatures. Otis achieves this through teleportation to these Gunners. The boss fights are really good and they get harder and more fun as the game progresses. You can fight these bosses using Otis’ own set of skills. Another option is to use the abilities of the other Gunners to thrash the boss out of Otis’ way.

The game-play controls are suited for controllers and it gets a bit difficult to use the keyboard and mouse for this game. The quality of picture and animation is impressive. It looks promising enough to say that the company has added a little extra effort in the quality of animation and designing the stages at each level.

What’s really impressive is that although Otis is a mute owl, the designers convey his emotions very effectively. These emotions, throughout Owlboy, is a great success to the game’s visuals and design team. The color palette is great and detail oriented with every stage designed with real life color combinations in mind. The result of all the hard-work put in, a heart-warming story an exception art style make you ignore the little shortcomings in the game and make Owlboy a great deal to invest your money in.


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