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The newest Arcade Edition installment of Street Fighter V at last feels like a full fledged battle game. It can completely fascinate both professional and recreational players. As a general bundle, it’s currently up there with the best games in the action genre. The game has a huge amount of single player and online multiplayer modes. Capcom took almost two years for its release, but its a great release. As a result Capcom has been given a pass to the time taken in the development.

Existing owners or Street Fighter V have the privilege of upgrading to the Arcade Version. But, newcomers can still buy out the whole game package if they want. The second option is a far bigger package than just upgrading your game. It comes with full access to season one and season two characters. This is recommended because all the characters and the mods on them have to be purchased with the in game currency called Fight Money. Earning it can be a little on the slower side. You obviously need a serious amount of money to unlock all these characters and their abilities. Therefore, sometimes you end up spending real money to buy the in game currency.

The Arcade mode is fantastic with five distinct arcade mode which keeps you at the edge of your seat. The soundtracks are good, some of them are remixed from the earlier games which gives the authentic touch for the game. The interesting thing here are the endings after the games which can be quite addictive. Speaking of the game-play, Capcom sure showed where they invested these years. Street Fighter V is so fun and you hardly get bored of the game-play. The combat designs and character moves have got an upgrade too. Also, the new characters involved do get along the skin of the game.

It’s taken near two years, however Street Fighter V at long last looks like the amusement that it ought to have been from the beginning. Newcomers can rest assured that there’s currently enough single player substance to keep players upbeat. And for those diehard gamers the real battling stays top class.


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