4.17/5 (6)
There is just one word to describe Shadow of the Colossus- Masterpiece. Developer company Bluepoint has done a great task getting this version game in the market. While it does not do justice to all shortcomings in the original game released in 2011, Shadow of the Colossus is absolutely worth the time and money fans and newcomers invest. The biggest and noticeable change fans will notice are the visuals. You always compare the changes with the dated games as you remember how they would look earlier and compare it as how they look now.

Shadow of Colossus goes beyond what you expect the visuals to be. The intricate detailing that this game provides is terrific and almost feels realistic. The control scheme in this game is more suitable to players than the previous version. This might be a small change but it changes the way a person experiences when he/ she plays the game. The original Shadow game was no doubt a hit among gamers back then due to decent graphic visuals and a good story. This remake by Bluepoint gives a different ride in some aspects although it is based on similar lines to what first one was.

The remastered sound sounds great and suits the mood of the game. Overall, the package that this game comes with is just what a gamer is looking for and would surely recommend action freaks to purchase this game with a blindfold on them.



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