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The first Monster Hunter which was released in 2004 was a pretty awesome game. All these years and after so many releases, they have done a decent job with this game too. Monster Hunter World is a great release with a generous amount of change for longtime fans out there. There are a few glitches which I will be speaking about, but again as no game is perfect, these minor negatives if neglected, you are sure to have a good time. The Company has retained the same strategy as the previous ones. You have boss fights with these ginormous monsters, find ’em kill ’em, dig them up to make superior weapons and REPEAT.

The combat is just as expected, fierce, heavy-hitting, fast and just as satisfying as a gamer needs. They have introduced a toggle feature called damage number in the game which indicates the amount of damage on a part once you strike it. This is a good feature for gamers, particularly those who haven’t played the previous installments of Monster Hunter. Tracking down the monsters has been made easy by using claw marks, footprints, scales, scout flies. Additionally, you can use the mini-map to find out information about the monster like his strength, fighting abilities, weak points and much more.

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