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For ages now, the marriage of music and computer games has presented us some supreme works of art. Regardless of whether it’s the hip-bounce of PaRappa the Rapper, the million-dollar-production Rock Band establishment or the DLC-covered Persona Dancing titles, the joining of tunes and buttons make the two genres fit together very well.

There’s a sort of music game that likes to connect with the mood and other-worldliness of the music itself. The display is dark and dynamic. Titles, for example, Rez, Vib-Ribbon, Chime, and Child of Eden, attempt to utilize the music to make a stage for the player to move on, whether the player is a polygonal human symbol, or a long-legged, wire-outline bunny.

Just Shapes and Beats, by Berzerk Studios, falls into the last sub-classification of music games. It attempts to convey a fun-yet-difficult experience for you and your mates. The game follows a progression of extraordinary tracks while changing video standards with its unique ideas. What’s more, it accomplishes this perfectly.

This game although simple in its concept, is not as easy as it sounds. Up to four players control one of a choice of little shapes and go up against music tracks. The tempo and the beat outwardly show on-screen as all way of items, of various shapes and sizes, that must be evaded until the point when the track closes.

The game has an uneven difficulty balance and it’s every so often grumpy boss fights. Just Shapes and Beats continues pushing you forward on account of its incredible music and the overpowering feeling of unique style. A great deal of adoration and attention has been given to effects for a game so simple in idea and configuration. For example, screen transitions. Indeed, even the guide and game-over screens are cunningly and flawlessly made. There’s likewise a less difficult mode for when circumstances become challenging, and a relentless Party Mode, that keeps the music pumping and the game going.

This is about as simple as a game can be. You figure out how to play it quickly, however, can sit with it for a considerable length of time. Its elaborate visuals and amazing soundtrack attract you and keep you spellbound. Also this game is addictive and has a challenging gameplay with frantic block-dodging mayhem, awesome multiplayer modes. It’s nice to be reminded that, sometimes this game is all you need, in a time of unbelievable looking games.


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