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The first thought that pops up when you start playing Injustice 2: Legendary Edition? Woah, that’s a lot of content! After the last installment Injustice: Gods Among Us, DC has given out a lot of content.

They have done a wonderful job in retaining a similar game strategy as the earlier one. They’ve changed the game-play mechanics and the story line which was a good choice. Injustice 2 has got a great collection of super moves, transitions and number of new attacks. Compared to the former version, the game-play feels a lot faster making results seem realistic. The combo moves featured are a superb advancement. Once you master using it, there’s no looking back.

Although DC has done a great job with the game mechanics and graphics, the characters are hard to root for. They might seem less convincing to the gamer’s eye now that DC has come up with some great movie characters. The version of the Joker that this game displays is the worst of all time.

Multiverse is a gameplay mode which allows you to go to different versions of the story and in result train your fighters, get new gears and equipment and challenge the fighters honing their abilities. There is a huge number of parts to choose from, appearances to modify and many equipment and gadgets to use. There are so many things that the general character introductory tutorials do not cover.

Gamers new to the Injustice world might find it intimidating at first to look upon such a huge database but slowly they get used to it. Once u get a hand over the game, its a joy ride with all the slick move and all these variety of mods provided.

If you are new to fighting games, it might take a little practice and also the help of visual tutorials which are the bread and butter of the moves described for each character. But as stated earlier, once you start playing more and more, you eventually do get good at it and start enjoying it.

When tested for the online play option of this game, it is just buttery smooth with no delay or lag. There are a lot of online users and its easy to find similar ranked opponents. Overall, although the story of the game is not quite at par, the visuals and the new moves added take the game to new levels ,just making it to the list of must have games today.



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