4.5/5 (6)
Iconoclasts has probably the most literal names in all of arcade gaming. The game plays like a 2D Metroid sequel and combines puzzles with a lot of storyline. The game’s design is deceptively simple, but once you begin to play, you’ll recognize the game’s unique and vibrant world is much more complex. However, if you’ve played games like this before, with a similar design, it would be easy to dismiss the game entirely. 

Iconoclast’s display is impressive with lots of animations and sounds from each character. The fun and catchy retro music gives the game a lighthearted feel bringing anybody in to play. However, if you judge the game solely based on that display, you’ll be missing so much that takes a little more time to discover. The best part of the game is the storyline, including all of the emotional character arcs, and the characters that you meet throughout the game. The game provides a sense of growth, from the various problems that you have to solve as the protagonist.

Parts of the game can be a bit on the depressing side, but Robin is a very positive character, which balances things out. Robin’s positivity and drive will leave you coming back for more to see what she’ll do next. When the game finishes, you’ll be sad that it’s over. The game’s story will surprise you with how engaged you are throughout the game. You’ll definitely want to play again and again. Iconoclasts may be somewhat of an old school game, but it’s fun plotline and engaging characters put it on par with any top game.


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