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Hitman Go might seem like a game which is not worth the money you pay at the first glance; NO, you are wrong there mate! Hitman Go does not correlate to the PC predecessors but is equally interesting and distinct game with good strategy game-play and a good job by Square Enix Montreal.

Hitman go

The main difference here is the shift from playing a third person shooter view to an isometric board game although playing the same old character Agent 47. The game looks slow at the beginning but then the plot escalates quickly and seems fun. The graphics quality is ultra smooth and Square Enix have done a great job working through it. The music and sound of the game is superb and just melts in like butter with the missions.

They have retained the original piece of distractions and disguises but those are optional. You definitely need to plan your moves before you get in a mission or you will get shot for sure. There is no multiplayer option for this game but the missions are well thought out and some of them are a bit difficult to crack but then that’s the fun part right? All in all, Hitman Go a very good game for both Android and iOS users.



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