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In Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, the battle of grappling with past injury and blame becomes present in various ways. Designer Ninja Theory channels its gifts for narrative and presentation to recount a story that has more to say than at first lets on. The story will probably leave you wondering what’s genuine, and what is a piece of a detailed fantasy.

Hellblade starts with a distant land shrouded in fog and haze. There, a damaged Celtic warrior named Senua leaves on an otherworldly mission to make peace the passing of her family. Tormented with extreme psychosis, Senua’s past injury shows itself through dueling internal voices and visual mind flights that attack her physical and mental state. On this voyage, she’ll confront conceptual and reality-challenging riddles. She’ll also fight an interminable swarm of enemies that try to stop her mission.

Despite the fact that battle is one of the center columns in Hellblade, the game doesn’t worry about offering various weapons or complex ability trees to work through. Beside some new battle capacities opened at key story points, Senua’s munitions stockpile is kept light till the end. The genuine test and fulfillment come from acing the base battle mechanics.  They are responsive, and fluid – enabling you to skip between numerous adversaries effectively. With her inward voices cautioning you of approaching strikes, you’ll be sure to defeat the enemies quickly.

Through the span of the adventure, Hellblade keeps its gameplay lean with a specific end goal to not exceed its welcome. In spite of the quality of the narrative and presentation, battles happen when they need to, the puzzle solving and set-piece minutes drive the story forward to uncover more about Senua’s inspirations. This uncovers the battles that torment her, keeping her from proceeding onward.

Hellblade’s biggest accomplishment is the treatment of a touchy subject within the game. At its heart, the story is about Senua’s battle to deal with her ailment. Simultaneously, she figures out how to discover the quality inside herself to continue, and to make peace with her past. Furthermore, we experience those same battles and leave with a superior comprehension of something that numerous individuals on the planet battle with.


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