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The God of War collection has, until now, carried on with the requirements in the latest installment that they had in the original 2005 game. Sony has come up with a way to spice up the main character Kratos‘ hack and slash abilities which has come out to be spectacular.

Just like so many famous franchises that have reinvented themselves recently.  The brand God of War dips into nicely into the open-global RPG tropes. It also shifts its attention to Norse mythology. This gave a pink slip to the iconic Greek gods and legends that was the premise for each preceding games. Those primary shifts don’t signal the end of God of War as we are aware of it. Instead they allow the series’ DNA to evolve and express itself in new ways.

At the beginning, it feels odd to see Kratos looking upon his child Atreus. That said, Sony seems to have done a great job with the story-line. Including a character apart from Kratos does not seem vague. Kratos is shattered by the death of his wife and is grieving at the opening of the game. It is the father-son relationship that is at play here. This relationship helps conquer Kratos’s grief and build a stronger bond between them.

As the game progresses, representatives from the pantheon of Norse mythology arise in an attempt to disrupt their mission. This sets up the clash of marvelous forces which you anticipate from God of War. Sidenote, the wild predators and ghastly fiends were pretty much hurdles enough for Kratos. Comparing this game with its predecessors, God of War is a technical and inventive exhibit. There’s a terrific rhythm when switching from an axe to fists. They lead to Kratos’ satisfyingly brutal execution movements all while ducking and rolling out of danger.

God of war’s combat is already exquisite on the begin, however it gets better because it regularly introduces one new layer after every other. God of War gives you lots to do in any given second and makes you sense like an experienced warrior inside the system. Halfway through the game and you already start feeling that this game is powerful, convincing, and oddly spell binding.

God of War”s path is full of hidden secrets and quests which is exciting as it helps you keep up with the pace of the game. While in most video-games, the long quests and side missions tend to give up the appeal to dig deeper in them, God of War has the absolute reverse effect. The story-line is impressive. It has come a long way from the original 2005. God of War isn’t an old fashioned action collection. It’s filled with a heavy dose of action, entertainment and a great story line which keeps you engaged till the end.



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