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The well-crafted pixel art in games like Cellar Door’s Rogue Legacy, and the new action RPG Full Metal Furies, has created a revolution in the video game world. If you don’t have friends who also play game to call upon, the game isn’t as fun. It works perfectly well as a solo game, at a basic level, so you can solely on your own and switch between two characters. However, the fun really lies in playing the game with others.
Visually, Full Metal Furies blends two eras of gaming from opposite ends of the gaming timeline by overlaying pixel art characters over the internet comic scenery. The result is somewhat interesting. Players will have to make the judgement call for themselves on that one those subtle qualities are quite easily overlooked because it’s currently so difficult to play with friends.

Perhaps the game’s modern touches that end detracting from Full Metal Furies, will force creators to rebuild the game.


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