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Far Cry 5 has been out for a month. Its big, open setting based in a fictional Montana has been absolutely demolished by millions of people. Collectively they’ve caught tons of fish, blown up a lot of stuff, and been sprayed by a lot of skunks. Ubisoft has been adding weekly live events and new maps to Far Cry Arcade mode.

Here’s what players are saying about Far Cry 5, as well as the new announcements and updates released by Ubisoft.

  • Far Cry 5 releases on March 27 to  The game’s story is largely pre-written, but its open environment and fluid mission structure are amazing. Ignore the story and you’ll find a lot to enjoy in the wild sandbox moments in-between the storyline.
  • Far Cry 5’s microtransactions: Unlike some games that hid interesting content behind difficult tasks or real-world cash, Far Cry 5’s silver bar system is easy to get around for anyone wanting to do so.
  • Co-op: Playing with friends can be a lot of fun: Far Cry 5’s emergent moments are even more enjoyable when shared with someone else. That said, the co-op suffered from plenty of bugs during the first couple weeks and, now, doesn’t allow the joining player to help out with mission progress, a problem they’ve yet to fix.
  • Arcs: The game’s map editor is rough but also incredibly vast. Player-made maps are pretty impressive in the beginning, and the missions that come pre-made by Ubisoft are pretty plain.
  • Weapons: Dangerous weapons that can wreak havoc from a long way away players love. People start using them to hunt, shoot down helicopters, and perform kills on a range of unsuspecting enemies.


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