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Dragon Ball FighterZ is easily accessible, with controls that feel both intuitive and incredibly fluid. Accessibility does not come at the cost of depth. The controls are simple, but like most good fighting video games it is one of those ‘simple to learn, hard to master’ titles.
Dragon Ball FighterZ’s story mode deals with the Dragon Ball Z characters facing off against evil clones while mysterious ‘waves’ wreak havoc on the environment.

Goku is trapped inside his own body that’s now being controlled by the player. You have to collect the other characters at the same time as fighting. The one area where its simplicity is too much is that each individual has two very destructive auto mixtures. These auto mixtures can be enacted by simply mashing both the light or medium attack buttons. Upload directly to apply a secure-on-block homing attack which can close the space and enable landing. Once you’ve done that you’ve got a system where low-ability methods are very powerful. A professional player will still win because a well-timed heavy attack can punish anyone.

It could be complex to time those, specifically if lag is concerned, which makes it frustrating when your opponent decides to mail the pass. The combat aspect just isn’t that interesting, so be mindful of that.¬†When you play with other players of the same ability, FighterZ is rapid, fluid, and fun. It hits that sweet spot of being clean but tough to master. Most importantly, it looks like Dragon Ball.

There is simply something so gratifying, and so uniquely Dragon Ball about taking someone up into the air, smashing them away at high speeds, teleporting into them, and pin-balling them after which finishing off with a massive strength blast.

Obviously, professional players will seek out all the nuance, however for inexperienced persons and casual players it’s very smooth to jump in and start playing.

The game has a high-quality set of tutorials as a way to assist even gamers who want to play quickly.


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