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Clustertruck is an indie developed 3D platformer. The main premise is that you play as a first person controlled character who jumps on trucks in order to reach the goal. This very simple concept is played with in unique ways through the game to create an engaging, difficult, fun platforming experience.

The way the player interacts with trucks is not entirely logical some of the time. While you can jump from roof to roof, you can also slide down the side of a truck and slingshot yourself upwards for a massive jump. The front of the truck also has properties that change your angle and height. Understanding the core physics of the trucks is the key to success in clustertruck

Clustertruck has themed worlds with many levels in them. These levels build upon mechanics from each other to create a fluid experience that makes the player feel fulfilled and complete. Every world has a theme of its own, and this makes the game visually marvelous. Adding more variety are the gadgets that you can buy with the points you get for clearing levels. Be it levitation or being able to spawn a truck wherever you wish, they significantly change the game and give repeat playthroughs a unique touch. 

Clustertruck is definitely best worth getting on Steam. The Steam Workshop for clustertruck is somewhat active and this gives you a whole host of custom player made levels and mods to play and enjoy. The game is on other platforms, but that removes the custom level features. Alternatively, the switch version gives the advent of portability. Whichever version you choose to get, the core game is great regardless.


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