3.33/5 (9)
In the season finale of The Enemy Within, a tired, beaten, and defeated Joker asks Batman, “Did you ever think of me as your friend?” It’s a spark of vulnerability in a character that is usually found wreaking havoc. This moment gives the game a sense of humility and empathy that other games seem to lack.

This final episode of the series will not disappoint you. Here, you’ll fight the most epic battle against the Joker yet. More importantly, you’ll witness Batman’s ethical dilemma of acknowledging that the Joker, despite his murderous personality, is a human being. The Joker’s morality is questionable but his lack of morality does originate from his background. In other words, this game follows the idea that everyone has a story. It’s quite heartwarming when you think about it.

Overall, Episode 5 gives people the thrill they are hoping for in this epic conclusion to the series. There are a few fights that are cool and enjoyable to watch, but for the most part, the game is focused on a lot of walking around and interacting with POIs. Our one complaint is that the game didn’t really give that many opportunities to solve puzzles like earlier in the series. But, the storyline of this episode is so good that we can overlook it.

Any Batman fan should give this game a try. Whether you’re a diehard fan, or just looking for an entertaining game to play, definitely check this one out.


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